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  • Vendors
  • Sponsorships
  • Security
  • Ticketing/Passes
  • Greening Your Event
  • Top Links to all the resources that you will need
  • Forms to organize your operations
  • Volunteer Management
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Sound Like A Pro: F

Concert, Festival or Special Event

Face Value:  The price printed on a ticket, not including taxes or other charges.


Face Value:  Phil Collins


Favored Nation Clause: A requirement by an artist to be paid as much as the highest paid artist or speaker at the event.


Favored Nation Clause:   Background Information #3



Fidelity Bond: insurance protection that covers policyholders for losses that result from fraudulent acts by specified individuals.  For example, coverage to reimburse losses caused by dishonest employees.


Fidelity Bond


Friendly Fire  intentionally set fire that hasn’t spread beyond the containment site such as a stove, fireplace or furnace.


Friendly Fire



Fair Trade: A program that was designed to insure that producers (farmers, craft people) in developing countries, get paid a fair market price.


Fair Trade


Fixed Expense: Costs incurred regardless of how many tickets are sold or people who attend.  For example: venue, travel, management, telephone, advertising/promotion.


Fixed Expense:  The Beach Boys at my first concert  



Fiduciary Liability: A legal responsibility to safeguard the assets of an organization.  For example a Board of Directors of an association must manage the financial and physical assets in the best way possible.  Fiduciary Liability policies covers such activities as misleading statements, Errors and Omissions.


Errors and Omissions: an example of Fiduciary Liability


Fraternal Insurer: A nonprofit who purchases a group policy that all members can participate in; policies may cover life, health or disability.  Group purchasing power may result in lower premiums than a single person may negotiate.  The policy may be included in the membership fee.  These nonprofits operate solely for the benefit of their members.


Fraternal Twins:   (Just checking to see if you read the whole post.  Couldn’t find anything as clever for this word).



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